LachLandcare Incorporated was founded in 2009 as an umbrella organisation to represent grassroots landcare throughout the Lachlan catchment. Our mission is to create resilient landscapes and communities in the Lachlan catchment through creative partnerships and strategic action. Over the past seven years since its incorporation, LLi has transformed into an efficient and effective network underpinned by rigorous governance and a team of passionate and committed staff and volunteers.

LachLandcare offers a range of services to its members with the view to coordinating landscape scale change for environmental, sustainable agriculture and community outcomes:

  • Advocate – speak out and negotiate for the interests of network members at local, regional and state levels
  • Strategist – set a clear strategic direction for the network and develop the necessary capacity to achieve this
  • Broker – source funding and connect to information and expertise that meets the needs and interests of members
  • Project manager – set up systems to manage projects, staff and finances and keep working relationships within the network transparent and accountable
  • Group facilitator – support member groups so that they can maintain membership, capacity and effort and stay connected to wider landscape issues
  • Community catalyst – extend the influence of Landcare to other landholders and decisions makers in the community

With recent changes to institutional boundaries, LachLandcare now remains as the only community representative body for natural resource management that focuses on the whole of the Lachlan catchment.


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