Indian (Common) Myna Birds are a real threat to biodiversity and farm management across eastern Australia, with numbers of these aggressive and highly invasive pests increasing and spreading inland.  Early indications are of heavy infestations in pockets within the Goulburn urban and rural areas.  

The Goulburn Indian Myna Bird Action Group (GIMBAG) is delivering a project aimed at these pests, with an establishment grant from Landcare NSW.  Increased public awareness about these pests and their management is a strong focus of this campaign. 

Indian mynas are prolific breeders, and if you are noticing them around your home, chances are they may be nesting in nearby roofs, wall cavities, or under solar panels.  Dubbed the “Cane Toad of the Sky” Indian Mynas are aggressive and territorial, and wreak havoc on local native species.  They also create health and safety issues around the house and back yard.  The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has ranked the Myna amongst the world’s 100 most invasive pest species.

A community programme is commencing to address the growing Indian Myna Bird problem in Goulburn and surrounding areas.  The most effective method in reducing the numbers of Indian Mynas in other areas has overwhelmingly been community trapping programs.  Successful community programmes are running around Australia, including locally in Canberra, Wollongong and on the Central Coast..

Goulburn residents are invited to participate in free training workshops which will provide an overview of the issues caused by Indian Mynas, ways to reduce their habitat and support native birds, and humane trapping methods to reduce their environmental impact. 

People wishing to trap through our programme need to sign the Protocol on Animal Welfare that has been endorsed by the RSPCA and abide by the guidelines for trap management.

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