Over the next twelve months, LachLandcare will be working hard on delivering a number of projects throughout the Lachlan Catchment, including:

Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative

  • Support Local Landcare Coordinators to build the capacity of their host organisations;
  • Support and increase community engagement in Landcare;
  • Build partnerships and participate in communities of practice;
  • Contribute to annual action planning and progress reporting;
  • Strengthen social networks and capacity of Landcare to deliver sustainable land management.

Healthy Soil for Healthy Farms (National Landcare Program)

  • Promote and deliver training courses on soil, grazing management and the development of property plans;
  • Produce information kits for distribution at these training events and via the web
  • Conduct soil tests at demonstration sites
  • Promote soil management through online forums, printed material and podcasts.

Rebalancing a Vegetative Landscape

  • Hold a number of awareness-raising events across the Catchment;
  • Facilitate group training sessions;
  • Support the uptake of sustainable farming practice change.


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